Lin, Mu-Xing林木興

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

LIN is involved in the intersection of law and Technology for Sustainable Development and Disaster Risk Reduction, and conducts studies on Science Technology and Society, Comparative Law and Policy, and Risk Governance. His Principle areas of interest are in Law and Technology, Science, Technology, and Society, Comparative Law and Policy, Sustainability Science, Disaster Risk Reduction, Governance Innovation.

Representative Publications

Lin, M. X. (2021) Chemical Risk Governance and Law: Data-Driven Disaster Prevention and Response. Doctoral Thesis doi: 10.6342/NTU202102770.

Lin, M. X.*, and K. T. Chou (2020) Authority on the Chemical Risk Governance: A Comparative Research on the Regulatory Agency between European Union and Taiwan. National Chung Chen University Law Journal 67:97-166 doi: 10.30094/NCCULJ.

Lin, M. X., H. M. Liou, and K. T. Chou * (2020) National Energy Transition Framework toward SDG7 with Legal Reforms and Policy Bundles: The Case of Taiwan and its Comparison with Japan. Energies 13(6):1387 doi: 10.3390/en13061387.

Chou, K. T., and M. X. Lin * (2019) From Local Practice of Energy Governance to Universal State of Energy Democracy? Local Energy Committee as an Actor” in Response to “The Local Praxis of Renewable Energy Policy in Taiwan: The Case of Rooftop Solar PV Systems in Kaohsiung. Journal of Public Administration 56: 163-170 doi: 10.30409/JPA.201903_(56).0005.

Lin, M. X., T. Y. Lee*, and K. T. Chou* (2018) The Environmental Policy Stringency in Taiwan and Its Challenges on Green Economy Transition," Development and Society, Seoul National University 47(3):477-502 doi: 10.21588/dns/2018.47.3.007.

Lin, M. X.*, H. M. Liou, and K. T. Chou (2018) UN Sustainable Development Goals and Aboriginal Renewable Energy Development: Tribal Energy Autonomy and Its Legal Analysis. Taiwan Indigenous Law Review 1-14.


Chemical Risk Governance and Law – Data-Driven Disaster Prevention and Response:  The main research question in this study is how to build capacities of chemical risk governance in Taiwan, including two capabilities of “chemical source management and disaster prevention and response. This study prominently proposes the Three-level Prevention from Risk Management to construct a systemic risk governance and institutions for Chemical Safety.

National Energy Transition Framework toward SDG7 with Legal Reforms and Policy Bundles:  The main problem explored in this study is how Taiwan and other countries meet the challenges of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals regarding energy transition by using legal instruments or policy bundles. This study aims to construct an analysis structure for national energy transition and to analyze the current situation within Taiwan’s electricity sector reforms.

  • Ph.D.
    Graduate Institute of National Development,
    National Taiwan University, Taiwan. (2021)
  • LL.M.
    Department of Law,
    National Taipei University, Taiwan. (2011)
  • M.Sc.
    Department of Chemical Engineering,
    National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. (2002)
  • B.Sc.
    Department of Chemical Engineering,
    National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan. (2000)