Environment is broadly recognized as all substances and phenomena ambient to a specific object. Environmental studies in natural sciences are usually working on the evolving physical or chemical story of the environment by selective observing angle based on the interest. In such a research field understanding the rules and mechanisms of natural systems is our common interest no matter the targeting space or time is from universe to molecular or from Archean to yesterday respectively. However, the working philosophy becomes relatively insightful if the observing angle is from humans themselves, in particular they are actually involved in the study system. Hence a few sensitive but necessary orientations, such as interactions in between human and environment as well as impacts on human society under environmental changes, become our imperative subjects. Recent years we have all sensed the living environment has been drastically changing. Part of the cause for this change is in fact due to the development activities of human society. How it goes to affect human future and how human reacts for this change has become emerging scientific missions for the scientists today. For 16 years after our RCEC establishment in 2004, RCEC has turned rather mature than before in terms of both the hardware and software readiness. A great deal of scientific breakthroughs has been achieved and recognized due to the endeavors of the past two Directors and all center colleagues. Since the environmental change on Earth has become critical to human’s continuously thriving, the scientific work related to environmental changes must encounter a variety of upcoming challenges. I hope RCEC can ride this current to achieve more scientific excellences. Also I would urge RCEC to strengthen the research orientation on subjects of environmental changes but human centered, which is also our social responsibility. In the last, I would like to invite more young talents and collaborators to join the RCEC research force and to together conquer the coming global environmental challenges.