Honors and Awards

Congrats! Dr. FK Shiah’s Publication in Science Advances

Viral Shunt in Tropical Ocean- A 30 years’ grudge between viruses and bacteria.



Honors and Awards

Congratulations to RCEC joint appointed Distinguished Research Fellow, Dr. Wen-Harn Pan!

She has been invited to serve as a new commissioner for the world-famous EAT-Lancet 2.0 commission



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Climate Science, Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Hydrospheric Science, 環境韌性與永續

Anthropogenic Climate Change Center

Obliquity-driven Changes in East Asian Seasonality

Obliquity, as a factor controlling seasonality, has been considered a modulator of paleomonsoon evolution. However, in contrast to the clearly identified contribution of precession, East Asian proxy records rarely provide ...

Typhoon’s Impact on Climate: Oh No! I Shrink the Subtropical High!

Typhoon is the most severe weather system in the Western North Pacific. It brings natural disaster but also abundant water resources to Taiwan. Traditional wisdom tells us the dominant influences of large-scale atmospher...

Impact of River Dust on the Air Quality

In Taiwan, river dust is a common phenomenon caused by strong winds under certain drought atmospheric conditions such as winter monsoon, foehn winds and even typhoon circulations. River dust has severe impact on air qua...

Water Isotope Fractionation in a Frontal System

Exploring physical processes controlling the stable isotopic composition of water, including details such as water vapor source, atmospheric circulation, and cloud microphysical processes, is useful for understanding the...