Honors and Awards

Congrats! Dr. FK Shiah’s Publication in Science Advances

Viral Shunt in Tropical Ocean- A 30 years’ grudge between viruses and bacteria.



Honors and Awards

Congratulations to RCEC joint appointed Distinguished Research Fellow, Dr. Wen-Harn Pan!

She has been invited to serve as a new commissioner for the world-famous EAT-Lancet 2.0 commission



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Climate Science, Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Hydrospheric Science, 環境韌性與永續

Air Quality Research Center

Satellite-derived correlation of air pollutants and environmental conditions over East Asia

Intense economic and industrial development in China has been accompanied by severe local air pollution, as well as in other downwind countries in East Asia. This study analyzes satellite observational data of sulfur dio...

Impacts of Air Pollution upon the Forest Environment

In a forest, plants emit a number of highly reactive organic gases into the atmosphere. The major species include isoprene (C5H8), monoterpene (C10H16) and other terpenoids, which are also known as the essential componen...

Does Cloud Microphysics Matter for Simulating Convective Clouds in GCMs?

Cloud microphysical processes in convective clouds are often ignored or parameterized in a relatively crude way, e.g., via assuming a constant for converting cloud water to precipitation universally in GCMs. A two-moment...

Ocean circulation links the climate changes in the North Atlantic and Asia low latitudes

The Heinrich Event (HE), a millennial-scale cold event in the North Atlantic, is characterized by the occurrence of a large amount of coarse terrigenous grains in marine sediments. There are 7 HEs in the past 70 thousand...