Chiang, Hong-Wei姜宏偉

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

To study paleoclimate and environmental changes using stable isotopes on carbonates, such as corals and speleothems.

To reconstruct paleoclimatic, paleoseismic events and tectonic activities by U-Th dating.

(Multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry)。 To develop new approaches and proxies to broaden current understanding of paleoclimate, particularly by MC-ICP-MS.

Representative Publications

Lin H.T., Chiang H.W., Yu T.L., Christl M., Liu J., Shen C.C. (2021) 236U/238U analysis of femtogram 236U by MC-ICPMS. Analytical Chemistry 93, 8442-8449.

Nguyen D.C., Chen Y.G., Chiang H.W., Shen C.C., Wang X., Doan L.D., et al. (2020). A decadal-resolution stalagmite record of strong Asian summer monsoon from northwestern Vietnam over the Dansgaard–Oeschger events 2–4. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X 3, 100027. (Co-corresponding author)

Liu G., Li X., Chiang H.W., Cheng H., Yuan S., Chawchai S., et al. (2020). On the glacial-interglacial variability of the Asian monsoon in speleothem δ18O records. Science Advances 12, eaay8189.

Chiang H.W., Lu Y., Wang X.F., Lin K., Liu X. (2019). Optimizing MC-ICP-MS with SEM protocols for determination of U and Th isotope ratios and 230Th ages in carbonates. Quaternary Geochronology 50, 75-90.

Li X., Liu Y., Hsin Y.C., Liu W., Shi Z., Chiang H.W., et al. (2017) Coral record of variability in the upstream Kuroshio Current during 1953–2004. Journal of Geophysical Research – Ocean 122, 6936-6946.

Meltzner A.J., Sieh K., Chiang H.W., Wu C.C., Tsang L.L.H., Shen C.C., et al. (2015) Time-varying interseismic strain rates and similar seismic ruptures on the Nias-Simeulue patch of the Sunda megathrust. Quaternary Science Reviews 122, 258-281.

Major J., Harris R., Chiang H.W., Cox N., Shen C.C., Nelson S.T., et al. (2013) Quaternary hinterland evolution of the active Banda Arc: Surface uplift and neotectonic deformation recorded by coral terraces at Kisar, Indonesia. Journal of Asian Earth Science 73, 149-161.

Chiang H.W., Shen C.C., Chen Y.G., Fan T.Y. (2010) Change of the ENSO-related δ18O-SST correlation from coral skeletons in northern South China Sea: A Possible Influence from the Kuroshio Current. Journal of Asian Earth Science 39, 684-691.


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