Air Quality Research Center

Air pollution is one of the major causes responsible for disease and climate changes. There has been an overarching consensus in the society upon improving air quality to protect public health and to mitigate climate impacts. The current air pollution issues are a result of an array of atmospheric physical and chemical processes, which have prevented us from formulating an effect air pollution control strategy with obvious causality. A mission oriented fundamental research is thereby an critical pathway to a breakthrough in resolving this complicated problem.
The general goal of the Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) is to integrate and enhance scientific research capacity in RCEC, Academia Sinica, which will contribute to improving air quality in Taiwan. The major missions include:
  1. Facilitate studies on the production and atmospheric transformation of urban air pollutants, which will improve our understandings of the major factors responsible for air quality deterioration in Taiwan.
  2. Facilitate integrated research on land use, boundary layer meteorology and air pollution, which will stimulate formation of new perspectives in urban planning.
  3. Facilitate long-term investigation on regional atmospheric composition, which will help to elucidate the changes and trend in the background air quality of Taiwan.
  4. Facilitate collaboration between atmospheric sciences and environmental medicine, which will improve our understandings of the air pollutants responsible for health impacts and contribute to formulation of health-risk oriented pollution control strategies.
Olivia Chen  / TEL: +886-2-2787 5901/ Email: ADD: Building for Environmental Change Research, Academia Sinica, Taipei 11529, Taiwan