Lo, Shih-How駱世豪

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

My research interests focus on (1) detection and attribution anthropogenic forcing how to affect extreme weather and (2) detection the heatwave through the Depth-First Search algorithm. The first research aims to understand anthropogenic forcing effect in extreme precipitation of typhoon. The second study propose a framework to automatically detect global heat wave events through the Depth-First Search algorithm.

Representative Publications

Shih-How Lo, Cheng-Ta Chen, Simone Russo, Wan-Ru Huang, Ming-Fu Shih, (2021): Tracking heatwave extremes from an event perspective, Weather and Climate Extremes, Volume 34, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.wace.2021.100371.

Wang, C.-C., L.-S. Tseng, J. Huang, S.-H. Lo, C.-T. Chen, P.-Y. Chuang, N.-C. Su, and K. Tsuboki, (2019): How much of Typhoon Morakot's extreme rainfall is attributable to anthropogenic climate change?, International Journal of Climatology, 39(8), 3454-3464.


Extreme heatwaves have serious impacts on society and the. However, how past heatwave events occurred historically and their projected changes with different future climate scenarios are often discussed with only heatwave-related indices and statistics based on absolute or relative station data. My study aims to examine historical global heatwaves from an event perspective that provides an alternative view to the commonly used heatwave statistics from a station or gridded data at a fixed location.

  • Ph.D.
    Department of Earth Sciences,
    National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan (2020)
  • M.S.
    Department of Earth Sciences,
    National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan (2010)
  • (02) 2787-5843

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