Environmental Resilience & Sustainability Research Group

環境韌性與永續(Environmental Resilience and Sustainability)
Since industrial revolution, humans used to develop technology and manufacture products with plenty of materials, energies and resources, which help achieve prosperous economy and improved living standards for human society. However, the Earth systems have dumbly suffered the change given by massive demand above. In recent years, these human-driven environmental problems have been vividly sensed to pull back humans’ well beings that has been built after long-term economic development.
Taiwan is an island with limited environmental resources. Besides the external threats of global environmental changes, it is an aging society with high population density and an economy with high-tech industries. Such natural and socio-economic characters raise Taiwan’s overall risk in facing future environmental changes. Therefore, systemic investigations on impacts and viable solution propositions are urgently needed to facilitate societal transition toward sustainability.
This research center is particularly developed with a specific human-centric perspective to solve these environmental problems. It is expected to explore the complicated human-nature interface, to understand environmental problems’ impacts on society, and to identify potential adaptation actions. Five research orientations are adopted: 1) adaptation of eco-systems under global changes; 2) sustainability and security of critical environmental resources; 3) environmental resilience of sustainable cities and communities; 4) human health and wellbeing under dynamic environmental changes; 5) societal transformation and governance for environmental sustainability. Above researches involve a variety of scales (i.e., global, national, local and municipal, and individual), disciplines (i.e., natural and social sciences), and sectors (i.e., research institute, government, civil society, and industrial business). Therefore, this center is promoting transdisciplinary collaborative researches, bridging scientific research and policy making, and proposing solutions that can enhance environmental and societal resilience towards sustainability.