Research Station

Cape Fuguei Research Station (CAFÉ)

Taiwan is under the lee side of the East-Asian winter monsoons originating in the Asian continent and, consequently, receives air pollutants transported on the monsoons. Cape Fuguei locates exactly at the northern tip of Taiwan(25o17’52.8” N, 121o32’16.8” E),This advantage allows the Cape Fuguei Research Station (CAFÉ) to be representative for investigation of Asian outflow air-mass under northeasterly monsoons without contamination of local pollution. Scientists from Research Center for Environmental Changes (RCEC) have conducted regular measurement of aerosol concentration and composition at CAFÉ since 2003. The results of previous investigation have provided a dataset of the properties of aerosol particles at the station, which is essential to further study the long-term impacts of air pollution upon the atmospheric composition and response in regional climate system.
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