Anthropogenic Climate Change Center - Thematic Projects

Thematic Project-1: Anthropogenic Climate Change: Analysis, Capacity advancement, and CMIP6 participation
Anthropogenic Climate Change: Analysis, Capacity advancement, and CMIP6 participation (ACC2), August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2023
人Supported by the Science Vanguard Research Program, Ministry of Science and Technology
Goal: To understand the potential impacts of future global warming on the global and East Asian climate and weather systems that have significant impacts on Taiwan.
  1. to advance Taiwan’s capability and capacity in simulating variability of and changes in climate system, climate extremes, and high-impact weathers;
  2. to participate in World Climate Research Program Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) by providing climate data simulated by locally-implemented global climate models for the preparation of IPCC AR6;
  3. to explore the linkage between natural climate variability and anthropogenic climate change; and
  4. to serve as a research hub to further nurture the integrated research and collaboration within Taiwan climate research community, and to elevate the international connection and visibility.
Significances to achieve:
  1. increased confidence and understanding in specific climate changes projected by CMIP6 climate models;
  2. identification of climate mechanisms that are projected to be dominant in the future climate states;
  3. elevation of Taiwan’s climate simulation capability to internationally-compatible level,
  4. Taiwan’s contribution, for the first time, to the world-wide effort in climate change projection;
  5. enhancement of climate change research consortium in Taiwan.
Thematic Project-2: Extremely High-resolution Simulation of Climate and Severe Weather
Extremely High-resolution Simulation of Climate and Severe Weather, January 2020 – December 2022
Supported by the Thematic Research Project Program, Academia Sinica
Although small in physical scale, Taiwan’s weather and climate are both affected by large-scale monsoon circulation and mesoscale severe convection embedded in typhoons, Meiyu fronts, thunderstorms, and also the complex terrain. These complex nature of atmospheric circulations affecting Taiwan has made an accurate and detailed (in both time and space) simulation of local climate/weather/air pollution phenomena extremely difficult.
Goals:To improve our ability in understanding and simulating these complex atmospheric phenomena, the project is proposed to achieve the following goals.
  1. To develop a unified model for climate and weather, Taiwan Unified Model (TaiUM), which is a nested global model that simulates global circulations in 13-km resolution and regional circulations in a nested domain over Taiwan in 3-km resolution. The model will be used by research community for scientific understanding and also the Central Weather Bureau for weather forecast.
  2. To develop a terrain-resolving model of 500-meter resolution to resolve the local circulations that transport air pollutants and control afternoon thunderstorms.
  3. To analyze the structure of tropical cyclone, embedding heavy rainfall, and evolution simulated in extremely fine resolution models.
Subproject 1: Development of Taiwan Unified Model for Weather and Climate (Huang-Hsiung Hsu, RCEC, Academia Sinica)
Subproject 2: Evaluation of Tropical Cyclone Activities under Current and Future Climates (Chun-Chieh Wu, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University)
Subproject 3: Development of a high-resolution cloud-resolving model (TaiwanVVM) to understand the interactions of physical-chemical processes over complex topography in Taiwan (Chien-Ming Wu, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University)