Environmental Resilience & Sustainability Research Group - policy translation

Policy Bridge 1:Responding to International Trends: Taiwan’s Deep Decarbonization Policy Proposal (Published in June 2019)
Dr. Pao-Kuan Wang, a Distinguished Research Fellow of the Research Center for Environmental Changes, served as the principal investigator for the Deep Decarbonization: Toward a Sustainable Society Project. In response to the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP), a 3-year plan for Taiwan’s deep decarbonization pathways was proposed. Academicians of Academia Sinica, Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee and Dr. Chao-Han Liu, served as the convenors of the project task force and policy proposal. The proposal was published as Academia Sinica Report No. 15 in June 2019.
Policy Bridge 2:From Scientific Knowledge to Policy Action─Adaptation Strategies to the Risks of Climate Change Drought and Water Resource in Taiwan (2019)
The Taiwan Drought Study: Change, Water Resource Impacts, and Risk Perception and Communication Project was led by Dr. Huang-Hsiung Hsu, Distinguished Research Fellow of the Research Center for Environmental Changes. Its objective was to understand how climate change alters Taiwan’s climate (particularly precipitation), how it affects Taiwan’s drought and water resource problems, and how we should respond accordingly.
This project was user-oriented and aimed to complete the assessment for climate change-induced drought and water resource risks in the 21st century, and also to propose adaptation strategies and recommendations for climate change-induced drought and water resources based on the aforementioned risk assessment results. This proposal fully analyzed the current drought problems, extracted the results on future climate prediction and drought and water resources risk assessment, and proposed overall, detailed, and hot-spot adaptation strategies to reduce the gap between science and policy.