The use of Naturally produced 35S to predict El Nino and La Nina events and solar cycles

Distinguished Professor / Chancellors Associates Chair Mark Thiemens
Distinguished Professor, Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UC San Diego

2022.12.07 (Wed)

14:00 - 16:00

2034 Meeting Room

Honors and Awards

Congrats! Dr. FK Shiah’s Publication in Science Advances

Viral Shunt in Tropical Ocean- A 30 years’ grudge between viruses and bacteria.




Western US wildfires with health effects in a changing climate

Professor Joshua Fu
Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee

2022.12.14 (Wed)

14:00 - 16:00

2034 Meeting Room

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Climate Science, Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Hydrospheric Science, 環境韌性與永續

Air Quality Research Center

Intelligent Aerial Monitoring for Air Pollution and Meteorological Variables

Air pollution can be a significant scientific topic, but it is also the most relevant issue that affects our lives. Almost all air quality monitoring in metropolitan areas, industrial areas, and their downwind areas rely...

Reconstructing Taiwan’s Land Cover Change

Do you know the effects of Taiwan’s land cover changes on the climate change in Taiwan in the past ? First of all, you may need to reconstruct the historical land cover information from multi-data sources, such as ...

Mixed Layer of Ocean Change

The mixed layer, the thin, nearly isopycnic surface layer, is a distinct and important sub-environment in world’s oceans. It separates the atmosphere from the deep ocean, and thus, modulates, if not regulates to a ...

Panel study using novel sensing devices to assess associations of PM2.5 with heart rate variability and exposure sources

This work applied a newly developed low-cost sensing (LCS) device (AS-LUNG-P) and a certified medical LCS device (Rooti RX) to assessing PM2.5 impacts on heart rate variability (HRV) and determining important exposure so...