Second UREY workshop [Oct. 5-7]

發布日期: 2020.12.25

The major purpose of the workshop is to utilize rare isotopes in CO2 for various biogeochemical applications. Rare isotopes include the so-called “clump” (essentially the 13C-18O bond) and oxygen anomaly (the deviation of 17O abundance from the terrestrial partitioning between the three oxygen isotopes).
We will be focusing on atmospheric CO2 on the first day, with the new constraints from clump and oxygen anomaly, to refine the current knowledge of carbon cycles. The second day will be on how to utilize the two rare isotopes (with CO2 extracted from carbonates) for paleoclimate related researches, and a round-table discussion the last day.

Meeting Venue: 2nd floor seminar room, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica

Meeting Time: Oct 5-7, 2015