Walther, David王瑞庚

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

I studied agriculture in college, and later in overseas agricultural service, I learned that if science is to change human life, political, social and economic conditions need to be changed together. Therefore, I switched to social sciences, interested in environmental science and society. As an asthma patient, my research focuses on air quality governance, climate change health, and the fairness of air pollution and environmental policies.

Representative Publications

Walther, David and Chou, Kuei-tien* (2022). The Analysis on the Just Transition of Air Quality Governance- The Heavy Diessel Vehicle Protest and the Policy Disputes in Taiwan. Sustainability Science . (SCIE)(reviewing)

Chou, Kuei-tien, Walther, David and Liou, Hwa-meei* (2022). Carbon levy and Climate change governance delayism. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. (SCIE) (reviewing)

Chou, Kuei-tien and Walther, David* (2022). The Air Quality Injustice in Taiwan - Just Transition as the Next Chapter of Environmental Governance in Post–Developmental States. Air-pollution Governance in East Asia, Routledge Contemporary Asia Series. Routledge, London (accepted) (peer reviewed article)

Chou, Kuei-tien, Walther, David and Liou, Hwa-meei* (2019). The Conundrums of Sustainability: Carbon Emissions and Electricity Consumption in the Electronics and Petrochemical Industries in Taiwan. Sustainability.11(20), 5664-5687. (SSCI).(The authors have equal contributions). 

Walther, David and Chou, Kuei-tien. (2019). Decision-making Process and Structure of the current Policy on Air Pollution in China. A Study on the Analysis of China’s Air Pollution Policy, and Strategies for Strengthening Korea-China. KEI, Sejong. (peer reviewed article)


  • Postdoctoral Fellow,
    Risk Society and Policy Research Center,
    National Taiwan University.(2018~)
  • Ph.D. in Sociology,
    Graduate Institute of National Development,
    National Taiwan University(2018)
  • M.A. in Sociology,
    Graduate Institute of National Development,
    National Taiwan University(2011)
  • B.A, in Agriculture,
    (Currently Department of Bio-industry of Communication and Development)
    National Taiwan University(2000)