Lin, Yi-Chun林怡君

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

Urban Disaster Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Renewal, Transport Policy Evaluation

Representative Publications

林怡君、莊睦雄, (2018)。澳門天鴿與山竹颱風的災害分析應對策略,《澳門研究》,第 91期, pp.58 - 72

吴尧、林怡君 (2018)。让城市规划真正起作用:方法与技术指南,社会科学文献出版,中国。

林資政、怡君 *(2019),基於海綿城市理念下的澳門道路鋪面之研究, 2019聯合年會暨論文研討會 -智慧城鄉與永續國土 pp.86

林怡君 (2018)JW生態工法應用至澳門易淹水道路改造之研究, 生態工法應用至澳門易淹水道路改造之研究, 2018聯合年會暨論文研討-城鄉發展的過去、現在與未來 pp.1191

Lin, Y.C. (2015). A study of commuters’ transport modes choices and transport policy intentions. WIT Transactions on The Built Environment, 146, 105-116. Valencia, Spain.

Lin, Y.C. (2015). A Study of Individuals' Travel Behaviour in Relation to Transport Policy. Proceedings of RSA Annual Conference 2015. Piacenza, Italy.

Lin, Y.C. (2014). An investigation into commuters’ transport modal choices in relation to transport policy intentions: The case of Zhonghe District, Taipei. Proceedings of Regional Studies Early Career Conference. Sheffield, UK.


Vulnerability risks and adaptation strategies: The study analyzed the natural and social vulnerabilities of Macau, and showed the natural vulnerabilities of Typhoon Hato in the historical disaster areas. In addition, social vulnerabilities include population, industrial economy and substantial construction in order to understand the spatial distribution of flood risks in Macau, and to use adaptive strategies as a theory of disaster management.

The sponge city concept is applied to the reconstruction of road pavement in Macau: In the low-lying areas of Macau, sponge city pilots are suggested to establish in ring zone and inner harbour areas. Also, road pavements are suggested to construct as permeable pavements; and doing long-term observation as well as recording of rainwater consumption data. The effects of water absorption by road pavements during heavy rains are quantitatively tested to explore the benefits for constructing permeable pavements in Macau in the future.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Center for Sustainability Science
    Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2020/07 ~ present)
  • Ph.D.
    Department of Architecture Planning and Landscape
    Newcastle University, England (2018)
  • M.A.
    Department of Architecture and Urban Design
    Chinese Culture University, Taiwan (2009)
  • B.Sc.
    Department of Urban Planning and Disaster Management
    Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
  • (02) 2787-2539

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